Our Alumni


Pakin Yamwilai, Supply Chain and Human Resource Manager, Torrecid Thailand

“This program has given me the knowledge that is not only theory based but also practical. The course content can be applied to the current situation of the business sector and enable me to adapt easily to the business innovations in the field. I can say that the success in my career comes from my right decision to study IDM at MSME. For me, one competitive advantage that stands out from others is the specialized skill in managing logistics and supply chain efficiently and effectively.”







WP 20130612 007 Mr. Antti Tapani Lappalainen, IDM Foreign students Representatives

I choose IDM as my major because I have some background in the industrial field, and as this majorgives specific knowledge about this field that will help me to find work after graduation. Also the field of industrial management is interesting as it is such a vital part of the world we live in nowadays. I feel like I made the right choice when I chose IDM to be my major. The major courses have been interesting and the things I have learned can be applied to real-world situations. IDM offers several advantages, such as industry knowledge, real-world techniques, interesting field trips, etc. This major makes me feel better off than others from other universities because of the international studying environment and the knowledgeable lecturers.



20120712 125801 Mr. Tanit Suwannapong, President of AU staffs Scholarship 2012.  

I choose this major because it seems to be very interesting as many courses are related to my family business. Everyone, who is in this major, gets to know each other very easily not only because of the small number of students in major but also the hospitality that people in IDM major give to each other. It is great fun studying and doing activities with others in IDM. I’m very proud to be an IDM student; and though we are small, however we are together with warmth.




 Ms. PetpisutMungkornhong , Student President ofIndustrial Management year 2012.

"Industrial Management" is not just theory studying major. The lecturers also teach us by current industrial situations and it is very practical when I had my internship. I have found that I have learnt form my understanding. I am confident that I have made the right choice to study here.

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